ICON Okanagan Magazine is a top quality, refreshing and lively publication designed for residents and visitors to the Okanagan Valley.

It is the only true free lifestyle magazine in the area, published four times a year with an annual circulation of 240,000 copies. It represents the true spirit of life in this unique part of the world, bringing superbly written and visually stunning features to the reader.

Created by Olaf Robrecht and Julian Snarski, ICON Okanagan not only became an instant success when it was launched as a printed as well as an online magazine in 2010, it also became an ambassador for the Okanagan Valley.

With readers in countries such as Australia, Germany, Austria, Poland, England, Switzerland, South Africa and the USA, ICON surely spreads the word.


One of the most beautiful regions in North America, the Okanagan Valley is known for its breathtaking scenery, golf courses, ski resorts, beautiful wineries, excellent restaurants, and a variety of entertainment including fine art, theater and music. Each year thousands and thousands of visitors flock to the area, some of them from as far away as Australia, South Africa or Europe, many of them come back year after year or even choose to stay. It was time to celebrate this beautiful area that we call home with its own lifestyle magazine!

Olaf RobrechtOlaf Robrecht
Associate Publisher / Creative Director
“Having worked for many years in publications as Editorial Director, Creative Director and Lead Graphic Designer, it was almost a logical conclusion to finally launch a free lifestyle magazine in this stunning area; a magazine that is both entertaining and informative while portraying the people, businesses and the amazing beauty of the Okanagan Valley.”


Julian SnarskiJulian Snarski
Associate Publisher / Advertising Director
“As my first venture into publishing, I can definitely say that my work with ICON has been an amazing rollercoaster of a ride! Having lived in the Valley for the majority of my life I am dumbfounded by all the new and exciting things I learn daily about the Okanagan, as a direct result of this enterprise. I am proud to be a part of our great team and am ecstatic about all of the great feedback we have received! I am dedicated to the continued evolution of our magazine and cannot wait to see what the future holds.”


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